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What Are Veneers and When Do You Need Them?

Veneers are wafer-thin custom shells that dentists glue to your teeth’s enamel to hide damage, staining, and disfigurements. Dentists typically recommend veneers for patients with chipped, fractured, cracked, and stained teeth. They also work great for people with large gaps between their teeth and misaligned bites.

The Process of Getting Veneers

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First Consultation and Treatment Plan

A consultation with one of our highly skilled dentists will put you on track towards getting your veneers. This consultation involves a series of tests and a physical examination of your gums and teeth. It’s also a window to discuss your cosmetic goals and air out any concerns you might have with the process. Everything culminates in a treatment plan that outlines the procedure.

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Tooth Preparation and Taking Impressions

Some patients might need slight preparation before getting their veneers. The dentist will then use a dental trimmer to remove thin layers of your enamel, allowing the veneers to fit properly on your teeth. After, they’ll use dental putty to get impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab that fabricates your veneers.

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Veneer Fabrication, Bonding, and Touch-Ups

Veneers take two to three weeks to fabricate, after which the dentist will call you in to fit them. Fitting involves placing the veneers on your teeth and checking whether they fit appropriately. If so, the dentist will smear adhesive at the back of the veneers and bond them to your tooth. If not, the veneers return to the lab for adjustments and other touch-ups. This marks the final step in the process of getting veneers.

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How Many Veneers Do I Need?

A single cracked or chipped tooth will require one veneer. However, you’ll be looking to get four to eight veneers if you want a full makeover. The dentist will examine your teeth and determine how many veneers you need.

How Will New Veneers Feel on Your Teeth?

You might feel a bit odd when you first have veneers fitted on your teeth. The veneers might feel a tad loose and even annoying on your teeth. However, with time, the veneers will feel natural and patriot of your natural teeth. You should consult your dentist if the veneers still feel loose despite wearing them for weeks.

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What Can Veneers Fix?

Dentists usually recommend dental veneers for addressing chips and cracks. These veneers sit in front of the cracked teeth and blend with the rest, giving you a beautiful smile, despite the underlying tooth disfigurements.

Veneers are also great for covering widespread staining in teeth. They cover all the dark stops, discoloration, and other forms of staining, giving your perfectly white teeth. In fact, veneers can give you whiter teeth than conventional teeth whitening.

You can also get veneers for your worn-down teeth that appear shorter than the rest of the teeth. However, although the veneers might make your teeth look even, they don’t confer much structural functionality and are mainly cosmetic.

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