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What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a device used to bridge the gap between teeth formed by missing teeth on either jaw. Patients must have two or more adjacent missing teeth for dentists to recommend dental bridges. The bridge consists of pontic teeth that sit between the natural teeth on both sides of the gap (anchor teeth) to close the gap, giving you a complete smile.

The Dental Bridge Process

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Initial Consultation and Treatment Plan

The process of getting dental bridges starts when you first consult Dr. Swartout about wishing to restore your missing teeth. During the consultation, Dr. Swartout will examine the gap left by the missing teeth and decide the appropriateness of dental bridges as a possible solution. If everything checks out, he’ll create a treatment plan outlining the number of missing teeth, the type of bridge, and the procedural steps.

Preparation of Anchor Teeth and Taking Impression

Dr. Swartout will shave part of the enamel of the anchor teeth to accommodate the bridge. Next, he’ll use dental putty to take impressions of the teeth. The impressions are later sent to a lab to create your custom bridges. Meanwhile, Dr. Swartout will place a temporary acrylic bridge in the space to protect the now-shaven anchor teeth.

Fitting and Bridge Placement

After two to three weeks, Dr. Swartout will schedule an appointment to fit the bridge. He’ll insert the bridge into the gap and check the fit, ensuring a proper bite register and comfort. Next, he’ll cement the bridge in place and install the pontic teeth before using a special light to cure the cement.

Final Touches

Dr. Swartout will use a drill to remove the excess cement and check whether the bridge looks natural on your jaw. He'll then provide instructions on how to care for your bridges and extend their lifespan. He might also schedule follow-up appointments to check your treatment progress.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Restores Your Smile

Missing teeth can ruin your smile, leaving ugly gaps between your teeth and compromising your confidence. Dental bridges restore your missing teeth for a beautiful and attractive smile to boost your confidence and make you comfortable in social situations. As such, you can be more open to social events and even more confident to take up opportunities that could enhance your quality of life.

Improves Your Chewing

Dental bridges address the gap between your teeth, allowing for proper chewing of food, including hard and chewy foods. With proper chewing, you can enjoy your favorite meals and eat a balanced and nutritious diet for a healthy you.

Better Speech

Dental bridges replace your missing teeth, providing a platform for your tongue and lips to press upon, thus allowing the proper articulation of certain words.

Dental Bridges in Matthews, NC - Trailhead Advanced Dentistry

Does My Oral Hygiene Habits Affect the Longevity of My Dental Bridge?

Yes, your oral hygiene directly determines the lifespan of your dental bridges. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily is imperative to the longevity of your dental bridges. Failing to maintain proper oral hygiene could lead to dental decay, compromising the structural integrity of your anchor teeth and leading to dental bridge failure.

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